Sunday, May 8, 2011

oily surfaces.

OIL PASTELS!!! They are the such a blast!!! I am currently working on 3 different paintings ..all taking their seperate paths. Two of them are in oil which is my favorite media hands down. They are so much fun to work with...shading.thinning down.blending.etc. I am stoked to be on the move again...looking forward to sharing some old and new works!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

old finds!

 I am super stoked...I recently found some old computer files with probably two years worth of collected pictures. Food, fashion, art, my old art, cool things, etc. I am beyond excited...because added to the pictures I have since then collected, I have hundreds. YAY!! for cool photos. I am a photo collecting JUNKIE! I save anything that captures my eye and that inspires me to create and such. Which is what this blog was made for...BOOOO! horrible job on my part at keeping it updated, but it is now a must because frankly I am getting just a little sick of making up excuses for not creating cool shit! This coming summer will definitely be for saving up towards a laptop! WOOO!  Anywho....heres a few photos from those awesome found old files. ENJOY!
                          i loved this photo because it is a little how my sketchbook works sometimes!

just a little taste ...... <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

trust ,lacking ,and the outcome.

if only our roots were made of steel
and we didn't rely on them to heal

if only time were a little bit kinder
and we didn't hold on to the past
tighter and tighter

if only our hearts had the guts of a fighter

and love faded
like washable markers
and stuck on blue crayon

then i'd be smiling right now
instead of hurting like a castrated coward.