Wednesday, January 18, 2012


     Spring Clean can't come soon enough, so I have decided to start a simple but important sweep NOW. I am going through all my old journals/sketchbooks and pulling out important information that I wrote down, inspirations, passwords, user-names', quotes, interesting sites, book lists, anything that I may have jotted down that was relevant to me at the time. I am pulling all of it out and organizing it so that I may compile it into one journal and have it ready as a source for myself. It is better that searching frantically for something I scribbled down not remembering which notebook I wrote it in, or forgetting a username, an address, or amazing artist I found three months ago.
   The reason I want it all on something tangible is that as much as I love technology I don't trust is as much as most do. I love having my notes/sketchbooks/journals in hand and jotting things as they happen before I forget. Of course the only problem is I am not organized so I loose track of what is in which. Although this is a tedious task I quite enjoy going through my old books. Little surprises sometimes pop up that I had dismissed from my memory. I also love reminiscing over "ancient" things of my past, I think this is why I am a pack rat. Oh! But I can't help it. Tokens from past experiences are like tiny little secrets and it is lovely to me to look back and feel nostalgic for a bit.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


                                          -Ernest Hemingway 
  Facebook has become beyond  irritating to me!. I have realized that I don't really give one shit about what people say on it.... I may just need a break from it ...we'll see.
      I would much rather read blogs and see pictures people post, I think those are better windows to peoples souls and who they are. It allows you to learn from people and share with people who have similar interest. Blogs are more in depth, and Pictures are "time, captured". The kind of pictures people like and post can say a lot.

Well, I got rid of mine. Mostly because I am going hermit status for a while. Doing some soul-searching and some past-erasing. Time to get out of this "zombie-daze" and move on with life...I got a big dream I need to begin to turn from wistful to real.


                  Okay, time to be honest. I have been feeling quite down for the past couple months. Feeling "down" whatever that may include; sad, angry, lost, lonely, anxious, etc. is not fun. It pulls you down until you cry and cry and pity yourself for no damn reason. I have doubted myself many many times and I think it's about time I stop it. The whole time I had the support of my family and "the boi" (what I call my lovely boyfriend to others), but feeling and overabundance of all those bad feelings can blind you from seeing all the good you have. Well, things seem like they are looking up...or maybe it's me that is finally looking up after keeping my head down for a long while. 
I am done with this storm and ready to take control of my life with a little help from above.

Vivid Dreamin'

         My dream is no longer to be an artist that illustrates.paints.or captures moments on film/video/etc….but to CREATE and provide a space for those kinds of artist to gather and coexist…a place where ideas will bounce off multi-colored walls….where books will be read that inspire…where food and drink will unite different dreams….a place with a wide open door…for anyone with an open mind…words and good vibes will flow….flowers will grow on a patio outside with chairs and tables that promise only wonderful thoughts….art will be sold to an excited waiting audience…and my place will be an open place. one to share….in the end…it will be a happy place. THAT is my dream to be THAT kind of artist. ^___^
ps. after a long slow proccess of growth…I know what I want….
the trick now…is getting there…