Wednesday, January 11, 2012


                                          -Ernest Hemingway 
  Facebook has become beyond  irritating to me!. I have realized that I don't really give one shit about what people say on it.... I may just need a break from it ...we'll see.
      I would much rather read blogs and see pictures people post, I think those are better windows to peoples souls and who they are. It allows you to learn from people and share with people who have similar interest. Blogs are more in depth, and Pictures are "time, captured". The kind of pictures people like and post can say a lot.

Well, I got rid of mine. Mostly because I am going hermit status for a while. Doing some soul-searching and some past-erasing. Time to get out of this "zombie-daze" and move on with life...I got a big dream I need to begin to turn from wistful to real.

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