I wear cool underwear on shitty days.

I AM... 21 years old and live for constant good change.

I LOVE, tea, chewing on ice, white wine, dark beer, rum and whiskey.

I LOVE... flea markets and farmers markets, they are a blast!

I AM... an artist. a daughter, a sister, a lover, a "wandering soul" ...working my ass off to succeed and better myself in every way possible.

.. tattoos, piercings, the natural face(bare natural beauty), make-up and being without it, dressing up and going out, dressing down and staying home, old guns and anything vintage, all things old.

I LOVE... food and making it for people, fabric and colors, hikes, camping(the ol'school way) and running...running is therapy for the soul as well as meditation and prayer...

I AM ...a fan of rain and nights, serial killer movies, cadavers, old films, new films, and creepy bugs.

I LOVE... nature and everything organic....

I BELIEVE... we should consume from the Earth as much as possible...Mother Nature blessed us with some good shit!!!

I AM.. a work in progress constantly trying to learn more about everyday life from anyone and everyone. I want to consume every bit of knowledge I can. I want to learn about nature, different cultures, food, art, and so much more.

I AM... trying to transform into the best person I can be....

I fulfill my dreams, to make the most of every single day I am given, to embrace myself as I am and let no one tell me I can't.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” -Oscar Wilde

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