Wednesday, January 11, 2012


                  Okay, time to be honest. I have been feeling quite down for the past couple months. Feeling "down" whatever that may include; sad, angry, lost, lonely, anxious, etc. is not fun. It pulls you down until you cry and cry and pity yourself for no damn reason. I have doubted myself many many times and I think it's about time I stop it. The whole time I had the support of my family and "the boi" (what I call my lovely boyfriend to others), but feeling and overabundance of all those bad feelings can blind you from seeing all the good you have. Well, things seem like they are looking up...or maybe it's me that is finally looking up after keeping my head down for a long while. 
I am done with this storm and ready to take control of my life with a little help from above.

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