Wednesday, January 18, 2012


     Spring Clean can't come soon enough, so I have decided to start a simple but important sweep NOW. I am going through all my old journals/sketchbooks and pulling out important information that I wrote down, inspirations, passwords, user-names', quotes, interesting sites, book lists, anything that I may have jotted down that was relevant to me at the time. I am pulling all of it out and organizing it so that I may compile it into one journal and have it ready as a source for myself. It is better that searching frantically for something I scribbled down not remembering which notebook I wrote it in, or forgetting a username, an address, or amazing artist I found three months ago.
   The reason I want it all on something tangible is that as much as I love technology I don't trust is as much as most do. I love having my notes/sketchbooks/journals in hand and jotting things as they happen before I forget. Of course the only problem is I am not organized so I loose track of what is in which. Although this is a tedious task I quite enjoy going through my old books. Little surprises sometimes pop up that I had dismissed from my memory. I also love reminiscing over "ancient" things of my past, I think this is why I am a pack rat. Oh! But I can't help it. Tokens from past experiences are like tiny little secrets and it is lovely to me to look back and feel nostalgic for a bit.


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