Saturday, May 7, 2011

old finds!

 I am super stoked...I recently found some old computer files with probably two years worth of collected pictures. Food, fashion, art, my old art, cool things, etc. I am beyond excited...because added to the pictures I have since then collected, I have hundreds. YAY!! for cool photos. I am a photo collecting JUNKIE! I save anything that captures my eye and that inspires me to create and such. Which is what this blog was made for...BOOOO! horrible job on my part at keeping it updated, but it is now a must because frankly I am getting just a little sick of making up excuses for not creating cool shit! This coming summer will definitely be for saving up towards a laptop! WOOO!  Anywho....heres a few photos from those awesome found old files. ENJOY!
                          i loved this photo because it is a little how my sketchbook works sometimes!

just a little taste ...... <3

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