Wednesday, June 22, 2011

let down your hair.

    As a child one of my favorite things to do was help my mom braid her hair. Back in her day it  was custom to have long hair in the Mexican culture, it was preferred...but once out of her house she cut it all off(a 70's bob), she of course has long hair again. I think I went through the same phase as she did.
 I think to have long hair is beautiful and I always envied those girls with gorgeous long locks. My hair on the other hand would never cooperate and so back when I was naive to vanity, I chopped it off and it stayed chopped off for 5 years. I was a rebel so I have fried, dyed, and killed my hair over the years, I saw it as dead cells and as vain so I did what I wanted with it. I always of course desired I could grow it as long and beautiful as my mothers. I came to respect even more the dedication it took to take good care of your hair and to be organic about it. It is currently a little past my shoulders and OH! how I am resisting the temptation to cut it. I want it to be healthy once more...and I want to say I had long hair like my mothers because truly I am in love with the way it flows, as well as my older sisters but shhhh we don't want to boost her ego. :) Well, lets hope my urges to chop it off and dye it (although that one may fail) wont get to me. I hope to have it so long that I can braid it like my mom does (I still love helping her braid it).

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