Saturday, March 20, 2010

de colores.

I have come to terms with the fact that I will be staying in Irvine for longer than I expected. 8 months have passed since I moved here and at first I hated it. It was dreadful. Irvine is a robotic town with nothing to do and nothing to look at. Recently I have started school in Santa Ana, the town right next to Irvine. Its comical the extreme difference one street can make. In Santa Ana I feel at home, I feel like I can thrive and learn so much more here. The people are nice and talkative. It’s an artistic town with art walks, galleries, art right and left. I have finally opened my heart to what IS, to where I am, and to NOW. I have to motivate myself, to find things that intrigue and amuse me and most of all to create. I am learning to detach myself from people in the sense where I don’t need certain people in order to feel loved. Where I embrace myself and love myself and only then will I be able to love others and find amusement in everything I find.

I began this blog 9 months ago before I left Cotati in a hope that when I moved here I’d be learning so many things, but I shut myself out from possibilities, from change, and forgot to embrace the power of today, and the mysteries of tomorrow, and forgot to make the best of what IS. Now I have regained my "unff" the urge and need to be productive and the thirst for knowledge and new things
One of my favorite things to do is to make people smile, with little gifts or drawings or quotes, or video links. Things I know they will like and appreciate.

So this blog is for the sole purpose of sharing my inspirations, things that amuse me and catch my eye, things that interest me, things that make me smile and feel good inside, things that motivate me and encourage me to create, things I simply like, and things that make me happy, as well as my own creations, writings,notes and letters. All this in the hope that it will too inspire you, make you smile, and feel good. It's what I like to call adding color. My life is a blank canvas and it's up to me to add color to it, while splashing some onto other canvases around me as well.

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