Sunday, March 21, 2010

time to play.

      To help me be more productive I composed this list to remind me of a few things I would love to do, and to complete or begin them before I turn 21. Imagine! If I make a list each year, all the things I can accomplish! Have a wonderful Sunday!

1. update blog.
2. paint on a big canvas.
3. give everyone and everything a chance.
4. try both sardines and anchovies.
5. make at least one person smile every other day.
6. organize all your recipes.
7. start trying those recipes.
8. take my hard classes first.
9. buy a chalkboard.
10. learn to make a quilt.
11. go to farmers markets more often.
12. eat more fruit.
13. call siblings more often.
14. begin reading list of books.
15. get a new job.
16. drink more water.
17. get more ink for typewriter.
18. start writing again.
19. take a trip to the San Diego zoo.
20. start an inspiration wall.

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