Sunday, June 20, 2010

books! books! books!


Good Morning! It is a absolutely beautiful Sunday! The sun is out and all I want to do is sip my tea and bask in it's warmth! mmmmmm!  Here is my reading list for this summer :)
Feel free to suggest some ...I go through books like I go through cups of tea :)
These are all the books that have been recommended to me and I have been meaning to read!

1. The Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka
2. Another Roadside Attraction- Tom Robbins
3. Three Cups of Tea- Greg Mortenson
4. The Picture of Dorian- Oscar Wilde
5. Emotional Intelligence-  Daniel Coleman
6. The Wisdom of the Desert- Thomas Merton
7. Dharma Bums- Jack Kerouac (again!)

 Off to my backyard to enjoy this lovely day!

    "If you are cold,                         
        tea will warm you.
       If you are too heated,
        it will cool you.
      If you are depressed
        it will cheer you.
      If you are excited 
         it will calm you."                


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