Friday, July 2, 2010


While trying to keep calm and remain productive, I've been delayed from progress for a little while. It's the things of the heart that are a little bit thougher to deal with, but I have become a stronger person so I am trying to deal with this round as best I can.
We have to keep moving and anticipate the new things that are to come rather than get stuck on one depressing way of thinking. ....

Here's a poem I wrote(guess I did make a little progress) <3

I’m getting used to the sour taste of you
without the sweet lingering sensation …I used to like so much
I’m struggling with the difference
Of not having you around to bring me dooown
Then be redeemed by holding me so high up
I swear I’m in oblivion
I’m too caught up
In hating you
To even begin to miss you
My heads in the clouds
And I swear…I don’t ever want to come back down
To feel your absence
To feel anything at all …towards or against you
Please…don’t ever let me come down
I don’t want to hear
The blow of anything you have to say
I want to make you into a stranger
Before I start feeling lost
..without you
And forgive my ignorance
But I’m a bit too light headed
To even begin to describe
That way I used to adore you
With a sense of any sanity left
you’ve drilled a lack of emotion
In the way I feel about….. anything at all
Everything aches
And I’m a couple shakes away
From feeling the pain

 ...have a lovely day and smile!!!!!

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